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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hemant Madhukar and Veena malik 3D love life

Press Release: Ritu Sen / Hemant Madhukar and Veena malik take their relationship to the next level. That’s almost like a déjà vu moment. Pakistani Bombsell Veena Malik now a day’s busy romancing with her movie director Hemant Madhukar. This is second time Veena caught on the camera romancing with Hemant Madhukar.

Veena was first seen in love with Pakistani Cricketer Mohd. Asif next was Big Boss Co- Contestant Ashmit Patel and now she fall in love with her 3D movie director of Mumbai 125kms. The picture shows the Vibe between them. Hemant Madhukar attract toward Veena boldness and daring activities at the time of shooting.

This can be say triple-treat tale of love and romance of Veena. We can say that Veena had inspired by her 3D movie and fall in a love with her 3D movie director. No matter what happened? As we can say that love is blind especially in the case of Veena Malik and Hemant Madhukar. Let’s wait and watch when Hemant Madhukar or Veena Malik come forward and show their love to the whole world.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Saif Ali Khan will play Jawaharlal Nehru

If all goes well, actor Saif Ali Khan will be seen play Jawaharlal Nehru
in Britain-based Indian filmmaker, Gurinder Chadha’s partition film. The film will be shot in Delhi and Jodhpur.

“I’ve already acquired the necessary permission to shoot everywhere in India including Rashtrapati Bhavan. So I am all set. I don’t have to shoot in Pakistan at all. This would be my ultimate dream project and I can’t wait for it to take off,” she said.
It is heard that the filmmaker has already spoke to Naseeruddin Shah to play Muhammad Ali Jinnah and that he is ready for the role. 

“This is my biggest challenge to date. I’ve been working on my partition film for some time now. The central character is Lord Mountbatten. The movie is set in January 1947 when Mountbatten was asked to oversee India and the movie ends in August 1947, so it’s a brief time span”.
“But (it is) a huge canvas requiring tonnes and tonnes of research and scores of characters. I’ve spoken to some people including Naseer and Saif. Nehru’s role is a cameo, so I wonder if Saif would be willing to do it,” she said on phone from London.
If news is to be believed, Hollywood biggies Colin Firth or Michael Fassbender will be roped in to play the film’s central figure Lord Mountbatten.
The film will go on floor this October.

Preity Zinta on size zero and curves

Despite several newbies entering the Bollywood industry, Preity Zinta still remains one of our favorites. She is fit, stunning, glamorous and intelligent. 

To her, curves or size zero is a matter of choice, and that being curvacious is not wrong. the actress supports Vidya Balan for setting a new trend of proudly flaunting her curves.
“I think she (Vidya Balan) is a fabulous actress. What’s wrong with her? There is always a rule – it takes one to lead and rest to follow. The choice you have to make is whether you are a leader or a follower,” Preity said.
The actress was at the launch of diet expert Pooja Makhija’s book “Eat Delete”.
“If there is one size zero and if 10 people want to become size zero, it’s a different thing. If one is a size 12 or 10, and people want to be size 10, it’s a different thing,” she added.
“I think Vidya Balan is beautiful, she is gorgeous and she is a fabulous actor,” added Preity.
Talking about the size zero hype, Preity said, “For normal people, it is very unfair to keep saying ‘size zero is beautiful’. Being overweight is not good because it is bad for your health. (But) there is no such thing that this is the only size.”
“I feel really bad for the normal people because their pressure is – ‘If you eat this diet, you will look like her’, which is really wrong, you can’t look like anyone else,” Preity added.
The actress will soon be seen in her debut production “Ishkq in Paris”

Deepika Padukone on the cover of Savvy.

Deepika Padukone on the cover of Savvy.

Colors “Uttaran” Completed 900 episodes

Colors’ top-rated show “Uttaran” is gearing up to set a benchmark by completing 900 hundred episodes this Thursday. When Uttaran hit the small screen it was lapped up by the audience for its fresh content. Daily Soap produced by Pintoo Guha that has earned a cult status in the realm of Hindi television.

After completing 900 episodes the star cast of "Uttaran" celebrated this occasion by cutting cake. Excited Tina Datta who plays the role of Ichcha said, “I am very happy that the show has reached this milestone. I feel myself very luckiest person in Indian television industry who had completed her 1st serial to 900 episodes”.

Even today "Uttaran" remains one of the most watched soaps on Indian television. This Thursday the show had completed its 9 hundred episodes, a rare feat for any programme on the small screen.

According to the producer Pintoo Guha, The show worked so well is the fact that everyone works together as a team to better every scene Completing 900 episodes is a rare feat indeed and I wish the team of “Uttaran” hearty congratulations for supporting us for so long.

Veena Malik Played Double Role

Bollywood News / Press Release: Veena Malik Played double role
If you want to taste more of Veena Malik who had sets record of item songs on one after another then here comes the great news. The bollywood golden girl Veena Malik had played a double role in her upcoming movie “Dal Main Kuch Kala Hai”.

Veena Malik said, “Playing a double in reel life its new thing for me. But In real life I actually play the double role of two girls inside me one is Zahida Malik and other is Veena Malik. I sure if I can play a double role in real life so it will be exciting to play a double role in a movie.”

It is quite interesting that the then Dream girl of Bollywood Hema Malini's had portrayed a double role and now Veena Malik is all set to bring back the magic of Dream girl in her acting.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pooja Bhatt will now lend her voice for Sunny Leone in “Jism 2

Latest Bollywood News: Pooja Bhatt will now lend her voice for Sunny Leone in “Jism 2”.

Leone s difficulty with Hindi has forced the filmmakers to do a quick rethink and producer Pooja Bhatt will now lend her voice to Leone s character. A source revealed, "Leone does not know Hindi adequately. Naturally, she will have difficulty in dubbing. Moreover, she has a typical foreign accent that makes it imperative for a desi dubbing artiste to speak up for her."

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